The camper: a small mobile home, always synonymous with freedom and autonomy, a real lifestyle and vacation.


C at home, a small mobile home for unique and carefree stays. C of contact with nature, to discover the national parks and the most luxuriant woods, the most beautiful and best equipped beaches; c of colors to discover, in the dedicated campsites, where families and groups meet in a riot of celebration, joy and lively voices; c of culture, a camper holiday to culturally enrich yourself to discover the most beautiful cities, historical monuments, medieval villages, renowned castles; c of comfort because contrary to popular belief, you have everything you really need with you: kitchen, bathroom, bicycles, beds etc., c of Camping Athena with its pitches and services dedicated to campers.

With open air, free to explore and to savor, to adventure and total autonomy, to personal and relational enrichment, to live traveling in freedom, to 4-legged friends to always carry with you.

M of sea, of beaches, of grilled fish at sunset, m of mountain, to discover waterfalls, rivers, lakes, m of the whole world and continuous mobility, because with the camper there are no restrictions of any kind, you have the world at your fingertips, or rather motorhomes.

P of parts when and for how much you want. You don’t necessarily need to plan, or book. You can decide to leave at the last minute, to travel for a weekend, a week, a month, a whole year. And there are those who made a real lifestyle out of the camper. P of endless panoramas, of breathtaking landscapes to be enjoyed even during the trip. It is possible to move to different places every day, without notice, chasing your passions, and stopping in the equipped rest areas enjoying all the services that Camping Athena offers its guests.

And unique experiences, and strong emotions, extreme flexibility, and escape from the stress of work and daily schedules, in the name of improvisation and continuous choice, summer but not only.

R of protected and personal refuge, wherever you are you have your personal things, your bathroom, your kitchen, your spaces. R of towed caravans if you do not have a camper available, with the same advantages and opportunities, r of savings on accommodation costs. R of research and discovery of typical products, traditions, exhibitions, events. R to break the routine of freedom and one’s passions.

Every summer is to be invented and reinterpreted, the camper can be the right solution: freedom and safety!

And in case of long queues, especially if you have children with you, you can always stop in the rest areas to rest and do the most common activities without stress.

You just have to load your things and go on a new adventure!